Home inspire is a service of interior design, finishing houses and houses. Here you will find photos and ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, children's room and any corner of your home or apartment.


A section that makes it easy to orient yourself in the jumble of messages. Collections and ideas for finishes, arrangements and decorations, grouped by theme. Chaotic service, where the content is accidental like a summer storm - we do not like. So the key here is the logical layout of the house. Themes were divided according to the type of room. And so, under the tab "Kitchen" there are articles and collections devoted exclusively to this room. Everything about bedroom design deserves another bookmark. Every home has its own place.


A place created specifically for you to share your ideas for interior design. We collect collections of thematically sorted, unique pictures of your homes. Projects are a constantly expanding gallery of already inhabited or just finished interiors. This section is part of the site. We look forward to taking photos with your proven decor ideas, because we know that many decorators might learn from you. "Projects" are constantly refreshed and powered by new features - recently added home photos move to the top of the list, so we see them right after entering the department. The most active are their own registered projects.


A true run of interior models. This section gives you an idea of how many ways you can decorate and decorate your house or apartment, how huge is the selection of stairs, sills, etc. We have collected all the photos from the site. In your hands we give two keys: to specific rooms or styles. Choosing one of these categories opens up to you the visualization of ideas, ready-made interior solutions from professionals and other home inspirational users. After the "Photo Gallery", you can also bake without a plan, simply viewing photographs of different types of arrangements.


Interior well without bottom. Here we collect selected from various photo collections and create ready-made concepts. "Ideas" is a handy catalog of valuable hints on interior design, decorating, but also the finishing of the house and apartment. We believe in your experience in this matter - perhaps you are freshly after a successful restoration of your kitchen? Every registered user of Home inspire can create ready-made interior ideas based on collections of own and other photos. In this way, the Ideas section becomes a platform for exchanging tips on how to finish decorating and decorating your home. Mutual inspiration stimulates the imagination.


Here we ask the specialists. Some have eaten their teeth on home design, others have been following trends in the world of interior decoration and decoration. In the Tips section we distil from the expertise of the professionals what is most valuable. We reject unconfirmed theories, choose specific content stuffed with ideas. And we translate it into tips and articles. Blurring out the number of messages like a primer on the mat, the Tips department becomes a treasure chest of knowledge for you. A lifebuoy and a signpost when you are setting up your own apartment, looking for a style, and even ways to organize your work.

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